July 3, 2010

Family Lost-&-Found Totes

This is an excellent idea from an excellent crafter. Nichole, co-founder of Zoo B Designs, created this for her mother. In the family there are 4 siblings that are all married and 10 grandkids. This hangs at her parents' home and helps keep track of belongings. If something is forgotten it gets put in the bag with the families last name initial on it. Its great for sippy cups, sunglasses, kids socks, and just about anything else.

What you need:
-Canvas Bags (Walmart $2.50)
-Iron-on Adhesive
-Printed Letters from computer
-Piece of Wood
-Cabinet Knobs (Home Depot or other hardware store)

The wood that she used is a left over from cabinets. Stain or paint your wood to your desired color. Let that dry and while it is drying start on the totes. Iron on adhesive to fabric then cut the letters you printed. Trace the letters make sure they will be facing the right way and not backwards. Cut out letters and iron on to totes.

Measure where your knobs will go and mark. Attach knobs to wood. Hang the wood the the wall and hang your bags from the hooks. This would also be great for a home where each family member has their own. You can put things in that need to be put away or leave little treats or notes.

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