July 13, 2010

Rubber Ducky Baby Girl Shower

This spring I threw a shower for one of my dear friends. She has grown up with a love, and, during some years of her younger life, an obsession with rubber duckies. I saw it very fitting to celebrate the arrival her of first little ducky with this shower.
Below is the ducky on the invitation. Feel free to use it. I had it printed on photo paper at Walmart.

(click to get full image)

Our menu included; mini croissant sandwiches with turkey, sprouts and condiments, cut fruit, a delicious pasta salad, pineapple punch and yellow and pink M&M's. I got the M&Ms from the Easter bag and took out all the other colors.

I borrowed all the ducks I could get my hands, bought some from the dollar store, and got 3 cute pink ones from Walmart. The ducks got put in the punch, on the food table, and my favorite touch, in glass fish bowls with styrofoam balls that looked like bubbles. I added a "spa" theme by using towels as decor and bath salts as party favors.

Baby shower games tend to get a little cheesy so I kept it simple.

Guess the Mommy's Belly Size: Using string and scissors each person cut off a piece the length that they believed her belly to be. I didn't let anyone wrap it around themselves, its more fun that way. Some were very short and others too big. We had 2 who were almost exact and one who was right on the dot. She received a basket full of fun bath stuff.

Baby Name Game: It started with everyone coming up with a first and middle name for the baby. I told them to consider it a suggestion for the mom. After about 2 minutes I told them using all the letter in the name they chose (including the last name) to come up with as many words as they could. The winner did an excellent job with over 30 words on her list. She also received a basket of bath stuff.

It was a great shower. What have been some of your favorites at baby showers?



Anna Campbell said...

I love the game where you match the animals, the full grown to the baby.
I love the rubby ducky themed baby shower! Great job!

Tori Klein said...

I had a great shower for my second! that was milk and cookies theme...color were white, brown and blue so we had white milk, chocolate milk and dyed a white milk blue in cute old fashioned milk jugs. then there was a TON of different cookies all labeled in darling bowls. It was so cute. Many people have done that one as well now! thanks for this cute idea!

Season said...

I need to get that recipe for the pasta salad. Mmmmm. It's so fun to look at these pictures again! That was such a fun shower. 'Tis a shame it ended so tragically :)

P.S. My word verification is uukcacri. Possible name idea for future child?? Yes.

Vinyl Lettering said...

Love the games!

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