July 28, 2010

Blog Swap-Craft Envy

I'd like to introduce you all to Vanessa and Nicholette from Craft Envy. I love their blog! They are brilliantly talented and make, do, and craft amazing things.

Hello Bayberry Creek fans! Nicholette and Vanessa here with Craft Envy. We are sisters-in-law who are homemakers sharing a crafting addiction! We love to craft just about anything--especially if we can recycle and repurpose. So be sure to come visit us some time!

For now, we would like to share one of Rachel's fav tutorials from our blog, the Pirate Nightlight! Hope you enjoy!

What you will need:

-Cheap-o night light (one that you can take off the front...mine was Santa) $1
-2 liter soda bottle
-Fabric scraps
-hot glue gun
-permanent marker

1. Cut out a trapezoid type shape from the plastic bottle to use as the shade.

2. Print off a picture to trace onto your shade. I chose a non-threatening, non-creepy, very innocent-looking skull and crossbones.

3. Using some spray adhesive, take your shade outside and spray the front and let set for one minute. Then, place your fabric onto the shade.

4. I also used some strips of fabric to twist and hot glue around the edges to give the shade a more finished look.

4. I cut out a little connector piece to hook onto the actual light and glued it to the shade.

Like this...

then I connected it to a little one dollar nightlight with a removable face.
There ya have it!

Thanks Vanessa and Nicholette for sharing this fantastic idea with my readers!!!

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