August 7, 2010

Jedi Robe

Pinterest Visitors & Everyone Else:
You can purchase a completed robe or the tutorial for this cute Jedi robe in my Etsy Shop.
They are listed on my side bar. Thanks for visiting! 

How cute is my nephew? He is a huge fan of Star Wars and I wanted to give him something he could use along with all his lightsabers.

It is made out of fleece. I used a t-shirt of his to start with to make sure it was the right size and measured him from shoulder to toe to make sure it was the right length. I also used a jacket of mine as a pattern (kind of) for the hood. I made it a little larger since they are over sized anyways.

I made this tag for gift giving purposes only.
Stars Wars Corp: I am not trying to steal any logos. I promise

Take a go at it. If you would like one and don't feel you have the skills to make one on your own. Please contact me and I would be happy to help.



Courtney M. said...

Do you have a tutorial for this? I would love to make one for my son for his 7th birthday. All three of my boys (and my hubby) are huge SW fans.

Rachel said...

Courtney Contact me at email

Katina said...

Does the pattern on etsy go all the way up to a 10-12? Thanks!

Rachel said...

Yes it will work for that size. You may need to make the hood larger. Once you purchase it I would be happy to help you in any way. Just email me.

Martha said...

Do you cut the next circle on front and back? Do you cut two hoods and sew toghther for hood. I bought the pattern and don't understand32

suzy q said...

Do you have an adult size pattern? I know.....I know....

Jana said...

Super cute Jedi Robe!!! Are you still offering the free tag? If so, I'd love one. Thank you!

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