August 14, 2010

Fabric Flower Tutorial

I found this fabulous fabric flower tutorial from Crochet & Sweet Simple Things by Dawn. I love it. I was able to do the machine sewing then take the rest and finish on a road trip.

I made this white one for my cousin. Her family was going through the temple and she was getting baptized shortly after.

These I made for my sister for her Birthday. The black and orange one is for Halloween.

What a great tutorial! It was really easy to follow. This is a good beginner sewing project because there is not a lot of fancy machine sewing involved.

I know there are a gazillion tutorials out there for fabric flower tutorials. I would love to know your favorite.


Leave the link for a fabric flower tutorial you have written or one you have come accross here:


Kathy said...

These are really cute! I've been waiting for this to post since the "teaser" poast a few days ago. I can't wait to make some of these for my daughters. Thanks fot sharing!

Anna Campbell said...

This one is very similar to Sweet and Simples flowers. Just no sewing maching or iron. And she uses the scrap fabric for the center. Takes about 15 min from start to finish.

I also love

Robin Ennis Willson said...

oh, I love the white one! elegant

Mom of Two said...
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Vinyl Lettering said...

I look forward to making these!

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