June 19, 2010

DIY Wall Art for the Kitchen

I needed something to go between my 2 plate racks. In our other house it used to be a window. We don't have a window in our kitchen now. Came up with this easy inexpensive DIY Wall Art.

What you need:
-3 shadow boxes
-Fabric (I got 13")
-Spoons or other kitchen utensils
-Dutch tape (and glue gun if desired)
-Command Picture Hanging Strips

I used frames that I had that I was't going to be able to hang as they were before, instead of shadow boxes. I had to do some adjustments to get them to work as shadow boxes. They are the Ikea Ribba frames (click for link).

First use the back of the frame or frame cardboard to measure how much fabric to cut. Leave allowance to wrap around. If there isn't cardboard or a frame insert you will need to cut one out.
Then use duct tape to secure to cardboard or insert.

Next you will attach your utensils to the fabric. You can use hot glue for this. I used duct tape so I can change out the utensils if I want.

Attach the utensils and place the whole piece in your shadow box. I used the Command Picture Hanging strips to hand the frames. They are wonderful because they don't have to be perfect to get them centered.

Voila! Great Wall Art


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