April 9, 2015

DIY Bunny Wreath on a Budget

My daughter turned 2 over the Easter weekend and we celebrated with a bunny themed birthday party. We had food, games and an Egg hunt. She had a blast. 

In preparation for the party I made a bunny wreath.

It was sunny and really when are all the 
kids ever looking at the camera

I didn't have the budget to make or buy a grapevine bunny wreath. Although I think they are adorable and hope to make one for next year. I went to Pinterest and found this tissue paper wreath tutorial. And the wheels started turning and thus the idea was born for this Tissue Paper Bunny Wreath. 

I found this great Grapevine Bunny Wreath Tutorial Here, which I will use someday. 

Then found the Flower Wreath Tutorial Here

I used followed her tutorial only I added cardboard ears to mine. It was easy and very inexpensive. I had everything on hand but you can find white tissue paper and most dollar stores. It fit my budget very well. I added a bow with hot glue and it was done. I finished in an evening while watching House with my husband. 

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed!


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