April 9, 2011

Waiting for Baby Crafts

Hello fellow crafters. It has been a long time. Around the time of my post on Mary Endelbreit Shadow Box I got a new full time job and found out I was pregnant. This might give you an idea of why I have only had one post since then. Recently I stopped working to get ready for the baby. He is due April 20th. However I am going to be induced sometime next week. YAY! I have been on bed rest and not able to do a whole lot but have done a few crafts while waiting for our bundle of joy. I got this Fossil Key Per Messenger Tote for my birthday back in November, Thanks to my mother-in-law. Love it! Unfortunately this color is no longer available but there are many other patterns that are fun and retro. I am using it for a diaper bag and wanted some accessories to go with it.

I made just a few. I used this D.I.Y. boutique wipes case tutorial from According to Kelly and made a matching wipe case. It is hard to see but I quilted the top layers of fabric.

I like this tutorial because of the way the trim is done. There are so many tutorials out there that I am sure offer other great ideas.

The other accessory I made was a changing pad. I used Homemade by Jill's tutorial. Her changing pad turned out so fabulous. I really liked what she did with embellishments and detail. I followed it to a T.

My inside fabric was not laminated fabric. I already had some Heat n Bond Vinyl and used that to water-proof my changing pad. We will see how it holds up. If you have used it before leave a comment and let us know how it worked for you. The fabric on the inside is the same fabric I used for another project I did for the baby as well. I will post that later.

It's been great getting back to the blogging world. Hope you enjoy.



J Family said...

So fun!! I am glad you posted the link to your blog on facebook I haven't been able to find where I bookmarked it. Hope all goes well next week- I know we aren't close but let me know if there is anything we can do for you. Even if it is just advice or a new mommy question- I always love to answer those. :)

preeti said...
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- said...
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