August 10, 2010

DIY Mouse Pad

My former mouse pad was a photo of the Eiffel tower that I bought at a Target. It had seen better days and I was in need of a new one. I was at Ikea (a store I frequent quit regularly), and same a across a pack of three trivets. You know the things you use to place hot pots and pans on. Well I decided I needed two, but not all three. As I finished my route through the store I brainstormed on what I could use the third for. As I was testing out office chairs I came up with this idea.

Trivet/Cork Mouse Pad

What you need:
-Trivet or Cork cut to 7" circle
-Heat and Bond

Start by ironing your fabric so it is wrinkle free. Then cut out a 8x8 piece of heat and bond. Iron that to the wrong side of your fabric following product instructions. Let it cool.

Then using your trivet or round piece of cork trace on to the heat and bond. Trace it as tight, or as close to the cork as possible. Try to make your circle a little smaller than the cork. That way it will not hang over the sides.

Now using scissors cut out your circle. Again try make the fabric smaller than the cork so cut on the inside of the line you traced.

After you have cut out the circle, peel of the paper of the heat and bond. Place the circle on the cork and iron on using product instructions.

After it cools it is ready to use. Mine is on our desk in the office.

This is a quick and easy project. Take a shot at it and if you do I would love to see how it turns out.



Season said...

That's super cute. Testing out office chairs has proven to be a source of inspiration for me as well.

nichole said...

Love it! What a great idea.

david-and-shellie said...

Sweet! Never would have thought of that, you're so creative!

happyjilmore said...

cute idea! you can even do something to match the fabric or curtains in your room, I love it! Just wish I had a day off work to do all the fun stuff.

Unknown said...

Great idea! I have been needing a mouse pad-thanks!

Vinyl Lettering said...

I cant wait to do it!

Foam-By-Mail said...

That turned out beautifully! Something similar I've seen people do is trim a thin piece of closed-cell scrap foam to size and use spray adhesive to attach a fabric - it applies thin enough so there aren't bubbles or lumps and works out really well!

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